To Ashwin

Tonight i sing a hymn in smiles.
An ode to light the darkest skies.
Parade upon our work of art, we thrive.
Sashay in dance, i will applaud your glides.
Enjoy this sound of love.
Wave joy up above.
My heart, my soul  has had enough,
yes heart and soul has met their match at last.
A match that is worth living for.
A match so perfect I’d die once or more.
I am afraid i shall search no further as i adore.
I am happy, see there’s none to explore.
For we made it this far.
My destiny, my life path.
My angel i have found afar,
nearer to my heart, we shall never part.

Our love still sings, my morning dew, our everlasting sunshine beams shine brighter as our love grows.

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Shemené Kok
almost 5 years

You always have such nice words for one. Thanks Mr martin I really do appriciate those words. I was happy when I wrote this .

Robert L. Martin
almost 5 years

What a happy love song. I hear a beautiful melody to go along with it.

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