through the lens

The view is better from in here,
Sometimes you see people in black and white,
Sometimes they look better,
Sometimes they look worse.
I love this view it almost never hurts.
Through the lens I see new a look,
a new scenary,
a new life,
a new “mirror, mirror on the wall”.
Everything looks better through this lens.
Everything is more controlable,
I can make the grass greener and the sunshine brighter.
I can remove the blemishes and renew a smile.
I can make the wrinkles feel wellcome.
This view almost never dissapoints,
most times it is more colourful,
more radient than a real mirror.
The lens brings back joy, changes perspective.
a memory to keep, a memory to make,
a memory to have and to hold forever,
no matter how long it takes to develop.
The lens is a gateway to a whole new world.
Another world to be explored.
It is my happy place,
I often go there to see the impossible,
the negatives are better than the ones in the real mirror.

I have recently fallen inlove with Digital photography , I love it , it is my getaway. I love capturing emotion and showing it off. portrait photography is my favourite and my son is my favourite model. So much emotion went into this poem.

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Robert L. Martin
about 2 years

real nice

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