In her shoes...

WALK on Dalia they say.
One Winter’s night.
He left within minutes of sight.
He left me with no surety of return.
My heart turned to stone but on i would yearn.
WALK on for you have no other way Dalia they say.
The cancer had taken its tole.
I had nobody left, see my son too had left months ago.
He took off and left without a word.
There is no way i can reach that boy, its absurd.
WALK on, somewhere is a plan, for you have stayed behind Dalia... They...
I miss them and often wonder if they do too.
My husband and my son left me, i stumble a few.
Their names are written in my heart,
yet i am falling apart.
Solemn promise from this life.
I would be somebody’s wife.
Now i am a widow with no son.
I cannot shine as i have  none.
I cannot WALK anymore i say.


A story about a sad widow , who had lost her son and her husband . Everybody keeps telling her that life goes on yet she cannot leave her two men she once had in her life behind.

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Shemené Kok
almost 6 years

Thank you barbs it's actually based on a very special woman I know.

Barb Clarke
almost 6 years

You can feel her pain. Nicely done.

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