Every night I find myself in the same spot,
The floors below the banister
Whisper words of peace to me,
That I might escape this craziness our current.
And as many times I resist; I’m never quite sure why.
Watching relations wither off and die,
Seeing eyes so full of life grow dull
And the world go ever more to grey
It brings me closer to disappointment.
My mistress of late these days;
She never asks too much of me
When everyone seems to ask for more.
But they’re still young, and I am too
And we’re all struggling to figure out just what to do.
It’s like a school; or maybe a zoo.
Oftentimes I find a spark;
Sometimes tricking myself to see it’s there.
A glimmering of carpe diem
From a little light called ego.
Claiming happiness is an uphill battle;
Really, it’s quite the climb
Right back to the banister,
But it’s another day I’m here
When I could be on the floor.
That’s enough or me to say,
To have another chance at more.


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