Together now;
again, at last
Do you recall our halcyon years?
Love and lust,
The time spent skinless
in the lake; moonlight our only guide.
I remember still your body against mine,
just as I do your words.
On the day our child come to light,
the words of strength that helped him glow
and when you took him, left me in the dark.
On such days, hopes reveal their truth;
a clever mask in which we lie our fears
Yet there we were, mine suddenly realized;
a snapshot only takes a moment’s detail.
The one I carry, a brief and blinding flash
betraying edges of a silhouette, of a man I never knew.
I hope you knew him well, for now within his hands
are the love I left behind, the love I never knew
and the budding bulb, a child’s life;
a risk, by no choice of mine
that you’ve now put on the line.

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