Work to pay to learn to work
And fail to make it there;
For the pretense of my knowledge
Don’t lie to me like you care.
The stress levels are rising;
The circuits burning out.
My passion’s never fading,
It means nothing without
An acknowledgment that I survived
Where others tried in vain;
They kept their spirit and they failed,
I’m just a body and a brain .
Money don’t grow on trees they say;
But look at you and I.
We pay to earn our achievement;
We’re saplings of our pride.
Dissimulation is our joy,
Ignorance is our bliss;
But do we really know each other?
Simple is all I wish.
Life’s a blur, and we’re confused;
Ring around, we all fall down.
We’re given time, but just enough
To get up before we drown.
After all, it’s just the mind
That lagged and fell behind;
Swept away, it’s what we want,
Efficient, dead in kind.
Walk away, and dream no more;
One foot forward, it’s alright.
You may not know just what you want,
But at least there’s no more spite.


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james matthew coleman
about 7 years

"We're given time, but just enough
To get up before we drown."Love that line bro!..... sharp my friend

Cory Garcia
about 7 years


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