What did you do?
Why does every day have to end up this way?
A frozen face in the room
All eyes are on you but they can’t see what’s happening
Deep inside
A sea turned grey under crashing tides
Thunderclap reaches a distant shore
Screaming in silence; you’re not the same anymore
Where did they go?
These aren’t the same people you seem to think you should know
Betrayed by their hungry eyes
Wolves in a forest of darkened roots and twisted lies
Run away
Find a new land, a new life, gotta get away
Fall to the ground
Crying and heaving you lose yourself to the sound
Screaming in silence
Vision blurred, stumble away
Screaming in silence
Will you live to fight another day?
Screaming in silence
Fall asleep, you can’t take the shame
Screaming in silence
Of the hell that shakes your tender frame


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