The ship is slowly sinking
all the way down, my crew abandoning.
Turncoat hallowed words, fear-turned saintly faces;
they plead in maddened sense of urgency.
I can’t shake this feeling
outside my own spirituality;
their faces linger in the tides,
(Am I replaying years, in this last of life?)
no screams, alone a whispered moaning;
“Join us Captain, do you now fear the sea?”
If it were that easy, by now you’d have the whole of me.
The hardened answer quickly sent to memory;
the water’s deadly game, a catch slow and sure claiming.
“I couldn’t, in my coward race, take
the life out of these bones;
is there some hope, as a breaking pain
to succeed my robbing of your purity?”
Did they want me alone?
I’d hardly thought to be, the way their traces haunted me.
Burning, release my breath, awaiting;
stinging as salt in my eyes, fading.
Bring me to the one,
that court which takes another under
to guide your malice, have you forgotten where you caved in?
Drinking it in as these long years have seen,
I won’t be joining.
So, is there a peace you seek?
Come tear it from my being.

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