True story

The argument’s
What started the chain;
Weighted with loss;
And not given to gain.
The boy wakes back up
And packs up for school,
Unsure of how much
He’s been playing the fool.
Heads off before leaving
Into the book store;
Screams all of a sudden
Come in through the door.
“Stay within would you please,”
The attendants say;
“The cops have been called,
They’re well on their way”.
Confused, he calls back
To the arguer;
She’s first to his mind,
He cares about her.
But still, he’s upset;
She lets death drag at her gown.
Is this how she is now,
With her guard wholly down?
He would never admit
That possibility in;
No, that couldn’t be it!
It’s most likely him.
It doesn’t matter all that much now;
The screaming’s coming closer,
Time to take a bow.
But then the screaming
Is suddenly gone,
They’re all let out
No time though to fawn .
Before anything more,
He gets away, far
Calls up his dad
Brother’s been hit by a car.
“Dear god, is he dead?”
“No, he’s just scratched up a bit”
This day has been weird,
It’s time already to quit .
That end, however,
Is something that must wait
Work’s coming up,
And that’ll never abate.
Much like the line
That instantly forms.
He’s herding the sheep
And feeding the worms.
The shift comes to an end,
Almost time to go
But first he’s screwed over
By someone in the know.
Well, that’s just another
Day at the job,
If he weren’t so used to it
Then maybe he’d sob.
Home comes, then room
And passed out on the floor;
The bed is too good
For something they all abhor.
A message wakes him,
A glimmer of hope!
Could it be, someone cares?
Silence takes his heart,
Sadness pierces his head;
Another day down
How many more till he’s dead?


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over 7 years

Thanks guys.
It had to be written in some form, I suppose it came out well enough.

james matthew coleman
over 7 years

Damn.... Good poem

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Nicely done!


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