One of two sister poems

Sweet dreams and nightmares
Alternate through the night
Your familiar face features
Something I’d never let go
Waking unwanted,
More time spent without you
Obsessing in your silhouette
One thing gets me through the day
You’re where you want to be
And there’s so much there for you
More than this young love
Could ever provide
Though still, I cry
Darling, don’t forget me;
Sweet thing, time will tell
What do you see in the sky?
You see the stars, I see your eyes
Filled with life like when they first fell on me
I sigh, once more falling to sleep
Darling, don’t forget me;
Lovely, this is hell
That you can’t be by my side
Far gone and away,
Where the lights all shine on you
And the dark stirs from its cage in the past
You’ll find your smile again
Will I still be on your lips?
How much time will fighting buy
Until I fade away from your mind?
Am I holding you back from opportunity?


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