One day two fish swam up to see
A worm, dropped down from God’s wide stare.
Its danger hidden by lust and want;
They were younger then, they did not care.
The fisherman of course, came in good hopes;
Though nervous, he pressed on.
To return to the boys empty handed….
No, he’d catch anything before it was gone.
With steely resolve, line striking true;
He made his way into waters new.
And, though her gill friend cautioned she stay,
An adventurous bite swept a fish away.
She struggled with a life so new,
Personal and dangerous, a choking breath.
The excitement, however, was short lived
And their pairing met a timely death.
The second fish was left alone,
Wishing she knew how to show
And act upon her own hunger
For satiation she may never know.


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