Empty words again today
And yet I always sit
Waiting for something to change
In how I try relating it
Thousands of words, a thousand tries;
I never stop to ask myself
Would so simple of  a thing
Save the bonds of you and I?
A struggle as I’ve always had
Through all the many veins
The smack’s stopped stinging, left and gone
I’m looking for an aid
To help you see, what’s once another need
Becomes want, so deathly strong
It stings like poison, burning me
To see you’ve moved along.
Turned around through other doors,
Would it swing you back my way
To see me fallen once again
Or drag you deeper through my head?
I plead you write the words for me;
Create understanding in my stead
Find your way, come back home
Now I’ve washed up clean, stood up tall.
Is it ironic to be dragged back down;
Does it mean anything at all?

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Robert L. Martin
over 4 years

Sounds like somebody is always on your mind.

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