Push the engines forward,
engaging full thrust.
The eagle long since landed;
what frontier could be left for us?
If your goal’s to take the pain
out of your life again,
I’d lift your thoughts deep into space;
but you’re grounded.
More than this, I wish you’d seen my face
from the cockpit, watching for you.
You’ll find yourself, together;
“In good time, or for the better?”
you wonder.
Leave yourself intact, til the day you’re coming back
In between every night, I’ll search the sky out for you.
The shuttle will come
with every word, every caress;
we put our faith back to the test.
Until your mission is over
I’ll wait for you.
In all that I would do,
if you only knew.
search my eyes, your stars;
I adore you.
I’ve earned through patient faith, the lines that curve your face;
they hold their secrets for me,
“Just a little longer”.
Whether the dawn comes back for us,
I’ll say, whenever;
Standby, Discovery;
I’ll wait for you.

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