Shakespeare, you dick;
Look what you’ve done
I’ve gone physically sick
From the romance you spun
And I can’t break away,
There’s no chance to hide
A modern day Hamlet;
I can’t seem to decide.
Though of course every answer
Begets suicide
And that’s your fault too,
You sick little man
Your exaggerations
Are where my issues began
I can’t take a full step
Or sip lightly at strife
Without thinking on Yorik
And the fragility of life
Not every idea begets monologue
Eighteen stanzas long
On why we’re no better than dogs
And there’s no ideal woman,
And no perfect men
Yet you struck this idea
Into our children
And we go searching for it
Without stopping to think
Since when was this Shakespeare
My personal shrink?
What does he know
About the tumult of life?
All of his creations
Met the end of the knife
And when you think back on how they all end
That blade, really, was their only friend.
And that’s not realistic
Yet you made us believe
In the dark and sadistic
Falsehoods that you weaved
So what I’m trying to say
To Mr. Shakespeare
Is that you are a bastard
Let me make that clear.


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almost 6 years

I like this...
Shakespeare "you sick little man" ..hahaha XD!

over 7 years

Thank you Julia!
Spot on with my reasoning; I love Shakespeare's work, but romanticism of tragedy is so widespread we see it in our required school reading, idol characters growing up (Disney princessess, etc.) that it's no wonder everyone grows looking for drama or to find their perfect one that they'll never leave.

Julia W
over 7 years

I really really like this alot. It's very different from most of the poetry I've read, in a good way :) the point you made with this piece was very true, we all read books and stories that dramatize and romanticize, what isn't actual. Great job on this poem :)

Shazia Affren
over 7 years

Writers are human being still i expected more gentleness ....Shakespeare doest need our opinion . As a writer we can have different perspective, but no right to use bad words against such a writer who stand as an institution.

Amanda Laughman
almost 8 years

I reconsidered shakespeare after reading this. Like it. :)

almost 8 years

Please do :)

Anna Molly
almost 8 years

Ahh there's a poem which says exactly what you're saying but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called or who it's by. But it's essentially an indulgence of melancholy. I'll get back to you on that one...

almost 8 years

Maybe not the suicide in and of itself, but rather the tragedy surrounding it. I'm sure if we took the time to look it up there's probably studies on it somewhere. As "Much Ado About Nothing" taught, misery loves company....we seem to be more predetermined to wallow, maybe it fills us with purpose; if there's problems in our life we still have goals to work towards in erasing them. My friend once told me after a bad relationship that happiness is hard's weird how true that is, you'd think we'd feel more uncomfortable in despair than we do, yet we just sit here and moan and talk about how miserable we are. Maybe it's for pity; maybe we take some weird comfor in it. It's all something I'm still exploring to find the answer on my own.

Anna Molly
almost 8 years

Mmm romantic suicide. I wonder though- Since a lot of Shakespeare workis based on earlier Grecian stories perhaps suicide as a romantic gesture ispart of the human psyche? Apologies for the typos - disqus doesn't like my phone.

almost 8 years

Certainly, I'm a huge fan as well; I've always thought, however, that its so strange how much of his work we read as required material growing up that romanticizes dramatic, tragedy filled relationships and suicide. Emulating that sort of thing certainly makes life...interesting, but it does plenty to wear one down over time and can be the cause of a lot of emotional trauma to those more empathic readers. All in my own opinion anyway; I'm writing this at 1 AM after a long day in retail XD
Glad you liked it!

Anna Molly
almost 8 years

This is great! I personally am a huge shakespear fan but this is a good argument - you've made me think about him in a different way.

Danny MF'n Stone
almost 8 years

I like it

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