Ladies, and the gentler soul;
give the floor to The Great What-If.
Fill your sure with uncertainty;
I could twist your every wish.
Tugging at your collar bone,
you’re the rabbit I’m pulling from
the hat, that’s eating up my head,
lights your eyes, breathes to the dead.
I chopped the woman up;
I put a sword straight through.
I snapped my fingers,
watched her put herself back together;
would you believe in all the damage The Great What-If could do?
Come, pull the wool from my sleeve.
Leave it hanging on your eyes.
The audience can see through my
tricks, the wizard takes your mind.
Oh, I found the puzzle piece
you’re looking for, right outside your grasp.
I’m the desire and the dangerous phrase;
the moment that’s gone 'til you look away
my assistant, would you give yourself up?
You’re gonna want that spell to last.

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