There’s a bright star in the sky, I wish it would lead me to you.
Heaven’s passageway, like what the sailors went through;
At least I can sit back and stare at the gorgeous view.
An orange sunset that makes me reflect
On the delicate life I’ve led.
It’s always a question that hangs on my ears;
“Don’t you think you’ve wasted your teenage years?”
On the contrary, I’m sure I’ve rather progressed
I’m never under the table; caught up in the drink
Or lusting after dirty shades of pink
But I’m still reckless enough that I don’t stop to think when I say;
“My love; I feel as though I might be ready.”
Steady, boy, haste makes waste
But it feels so different from what I’ve faced
Not a dream or a veil, a false reality
Just a little something that can easily be
And be done.
Nothing gets me close enough to your heart
I try to put this strange feeling down into my art
Boyfriend isn’t enough; would husband come close?
I want to dissolve into us; it’s like a drug overdose
These feelings that make everything seem so alive
I smile as I fall onto the floor and die.
It’s interesting how, when we are put to the test
I can trust you full and wholly without need for getting stressed
But of course I feel pain anyway; it’s as though I’ve lost a limb
Yet there’s a lining in this turmoil, it shows that I’m human
Human enough to care, to know that I miss you
But the thought of knowing you’ll be there is enough to get me through
Until then it’s just a memory, and the hurt’ll have to do
It reminds me I’ve a goal to reach
A commitment no one else could breach
I shelter it, I’ve built a wall
Against anyone who’s got the gall
To try and make me their own;
You may be gone but I’m not alone
What a victory to see them slink away; and know I’m truly yours
I’ve got something to hold onto, much better than cheap whores
Like an aged fine wine on the other line
That leaves me drunk on every call
Sipping to savor such a mature flavor
Keeps me from creating our downfall
It’s weird how smitten and endeared
One can become without much fear
In such a short passage of Father Time
Something to strive for with my common male drive
That force which tells me to make you mine.


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Cory Garcia
over 7 years

Nicely done!


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