Standing on the corner of nowhere,
I’m gonna jump, they’re calling me down.
Silent and alone, caught up in the air;
A single step, I’m coming around.
Could it be an evil recurring;
A product of a tainted mind?
Caught like a lush about this nervous fling,
Down this path what will I find?
Can you see the shadows coming for me?
I feel it like I’m living; one, two, three.
Snap, it’s gone! What did it take?
What am I missing, what’s making me shake?
I think; I breathe, but it gets no clearer,
Its hard not to wait, I’m twisting in fear.
The clock is ticking, away with the night;
Darkness falls, I’m losing this fight.
The terrors of a hidden life
Are drawing nearer all the time.
Heralds of deep doubt and strife,
What a friend to be called mine.
You know, I never asked you to come around,
You dragged me by my feet off the ground.
But who’s to say I’m safer up there?
There’s only one way to go when you’re up in the air.


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