Going in and out and on and on;
Put in all the work just thrive for your life
Hanging on to the bar that falls into minimum
Nobody listens but you’re never alone
Wire taps are the best friend
You never knew was on the phone
You don’t gotta be a terrorist to not be a bitch
But there’s not much of a difference
In the eyes of a snitch
Play along, doll house
Everything’s perfect or else
They’ll buy a new model
Straight off their preferred shelf
Hold off on the words they don’t want you to like
But silence doesn’t mean you gotta give up yourself.
You think they’ve got you at their mercy?
C’mon, fight the sheeple norm
Rise up, rise up
Craft yourself a different form
Shifty salesman give you a “wonderful” value
You’ve got the money, you make the value
One alone can’t  make a change
But every chain starts with a link
Research and develop the power
To make others think
Do it for your god or help your fellow man
Tell yourself whatever it takes
To stick to the plan
Rise up, rise up; c’mon
Now you gotta wake up
A patriot can still make it
With a little check up
Investigate and reiterate to the powers that be
We are the deciders to the run of this country


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over 7 years

Looking back, it actually feels a little sloppy.
When I get the chance I'll have to go back and update it.

over 7 years

Thanks guys!

Danny MF'n Stone
over 7 years

Very nice

Cory Garcia
over 7 years

:) nicely done!


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