The shell that keeps my hope alive
Seems of late eager to dive;
Leaving me with less and less,
Though I try to keep it at its best.
This symbol I hold so close to heart,
That which seemed so bright, upstart;
With each fragment it comes to tell
A truth which deep down bodes unwell.
I keep the faith with superglue
Because I’m bare and naked without you;
But still I fear for the day to come
When the breakage can not be undone.


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over 6 years

And you know it's quite funny, how true it was too XD
I'm in different ways now, and happier. I finally found that old shell again and let it go in a river the other day. It was a nice way to let the past move on.

james matthew coleman
over 7 years

I know this feeling all to well, and super glue without a doubt is mandatory! :)


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