“You are my sunshine” is so cliche
But fully appropriate anyway
To describe how, when I’m feeling down
Your smile shines upon my day
It’s like a spell, how you erase
The tightened scowl creasing my face
Imparting me with loving warmth
A lofty feel of angel’s grace
How do you manage it each time?
To pick me up out of the grime
With so much ease, or is it strength?
Encouraging a further climb.
If I could sell just what I feel
As you soothe my soul and make it heal;
There’d surely be no richer man,
Though even now I’ve the best deal.


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almost 8 years

Thanks Cory!
It's cool to hear some positive reviews every now and again; it's been hard for me to find publicity. So I very much appreciate it.

Cory Garcia
almost 8 years

If I could sell just what I feelAs you soothe my soul and make it heal;There'd surely be no richer man,Love those lines!


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