A lithe petal rested fresh
In a field of its kindred flesh.
I traversed its velvet skin
Just to feel it from within.
Dipped in the drip of dew
That spilled from the tongue
Of a dozen scarlet mornings,
I felt the stage cold-cast
Upon the theaters of my heart  
Growing ever vast
In the shadow of refusal.
I traversed realm after realm
Attempting to strip the matter,
To forgive the antecedent
And to live the latter.  
I traversed the heavens
And the shores of Tartarus, too;
The object and the origin,
Its every shade and hue.
I sailed the Axis Mundi,
The mountains, the valleys,
The echoes of the shores,
And through a thousand,
The smile of a falsehood,
The slight part of a thin dress,
The things not meant for me,
The things I cannot confess.
I traversed the revelations
Of provocative curiosity,
And no optic could view
Or ever pass through
These questions demanding
In ever-expanding
Corners of my mind,
Untouched and confined;
Where there are no words
That could encompass;
Where there are no eyes
That could ever see
What any of this has made of me.
These chartreuse spheres  
Bore windows to fears
That surfaced in the slow-fade
Passing of awakening years.
And my fingers glided across
The beating bosom  
Of skies that held no moon.
Lighter and lighter,
The nights burned brighter
In a strength wholly born
Of gentleness.
And I would stand where
I felt the stage cold-cast
Upon the theaters of a heart
Growing ever vast.
I would refuse the shadow
Of a dual illusion
And be my own friend
Through prolonged seclusion.
I would stand a mountain
In the face of all my constructs.  
I would answer to this silence
That has held me night after night.
I would answer to the things the night howled
As I walked along the edges of my will.
And I would let it pass my lips
Like a solar storm of what it was
To rise a thousand times more
Than I thought I could before,
Like an era of thought transpired
Long before I could know
What it was to have a voice.
And it was only a dream
That formed within the skies,
That lived in every star  
That ever graced my eyes.


duality, nonduality, light, love, spirituality, illusion, truth, experience, self-discovery, thoughts, hardship, healing, strength, night, rhyme, free verse, sparklepoetics, poem

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Sparkle Poetics
over 5 years

Thank you, Cory, fellow poet brother. I am inspired to get these words everywhere that I can. I find that in the deep quest for these inner truths, we begin to find those who are on similar paths along the way. It is something I am just coming to know. It constantly expands my mind and reminds me how much further I have to expand. Whatever happens in this life, I just know that words are my way to my Self...where things are beyond definition. I hope that you as well have kindred spirits around you.

Robert, I always appreciate your comments. I am so happy to know that these spillings can inspire you. I find that reading, listening to music, playing music and a myriad of other activities also puts me in different mind states. Your kind words have helped me, too.

Cory Garcia
over 5 years

One of the most beautiful poems I've ever read.Your diction in this piece is impeccable.It felt, for this reader, like your very soul was being revealed, complete with a sense of yearning, a knowledge of your own vulnerability, and an understanding and acceptance of the price its costs to hold onto your truth.This skillfull piece, I think, will help a lot of your readers identify the same feelings within themselves. Resonating deeply and wonderously as they glimpse their own truths.On a personal note... I hope everyone has that special person or people in their lives that can see that truth and nurture it.Cheers sister poet for a masterful work :)

Robert L. Martin
over 5 years

As usual, your poem is beautiful. I read them a lot to get inspiration for my own writing. I don't copy anything, but reading them helps put me in a different world far away from this one. I'm glad you wrote another one. It helps me a lot. Thank you.

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