The Journey is a Mystery

How did I arrive here;
This ancient state of mind
That would raucously shriek in fear?
Eyes rest upon me with love
Where once existed hostility,
Separation and misunderstanding.
It simply isn’t something I fully know yet,
But the juxtaposition is a beautiful ride.
A companion introduced me to my demons.
I sat down with no readied intent
To converse with this apparition,
But I learned she had much to say.
I listened without judgment
And realized it was no longer
A constricted being within me.
I parted the shifty-eyed stranger
With a self-fear I had never known before.
I let something else be my guide.
The willingness to be happy
Carries me through the winds of change.
I know the destination.
The journey is far more a mystery.
I never took the time to fully mourn
This realization that I am finally away
From what birthed so much pain
And false-beauty simultaneously.
It soaked into my heart,
But I am ready to cleanse it.
I will that others find happiness
Beyond symbolic definition.
I have a story to tell.
It cultivates like a blossoming garden
Before my very eyes.
It is time to heal;
To love and be loved.


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