I wandered through searching faces
As the skies opened up in flame
As the stars reached back to embrace
What calls us all by name
I sat beside the water
To learn to be alone
To come with quiet acceptance
Of what cannot be known
I swam through channels of time
That passed with little mark
And watched the illumination
Dancing with the dark
I reached my hands on high
To contain this fading night
To study and observe
The way it gives me light
It permeates my skin
Because I let it shine
For those still lost; sleeping
I shall give you mine
To but increase this vibrancy
Bursting across the skies
It sparks a thought within
And filters through our eyes
We parted with racing minds
And yet, so little to say
The sound had birthed a silence
As night, then, was day

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Robert L. Martin
over 5 years


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