Scarlet in the Rain

I made my way down the alley
Dressed in intimate things
Buttons undone in a slight V
Across the chest of skin and lace
That greeted many a passing face
Smoking outside with drag queens
Laughing about the fetish party
That someone worked the night prior
The night was late
In a midnight disclosure
And many a tonic
Unsheathed composure
And stripped it to the skin
Of a naked issue
Vulnerable and free
And free and vulnerable
But I found little words to explain
How I came to watch the bloom
Of Scarlet in the rain
Morning came to ground me
I sat before a large screen
Where measurements and lines
Stood as still as rigid vines
And images were placed
And reasonably spaced
The need hungered
The need watched
From over my shoulder
While the unseen eye
Watched the tension rise
In the constant doing
Of a heat-dampened crowd
I let go what I had to let go
And a poem was kept submerged
In a sea that chimed too softly
To be heard on the shores
Of a disenchanted youth
So I still found little words to explain
How I came to watch the bloom
Of Scarlet in the rain
The skies lit up with a clamor
That shot with fiery light
From the base of drunken intrigue
And tales of woven night
I walked a path of a blue-hued dusk
To a garden that licked the moon
With rising transformations
Listening like the fireflies
That watched from thickets to anywhere
And 1960 made its cameo
In the tale of two lovers grown
In time together
Gooseberries and decoctions
Filled our glasses in a scene
I have yet to understand
But it brought me closer
To how I could explain
How I came to see the bloom
Of Scarlet in the rain
Her crooked fingers
And pain-struck body
Moved like a paper airplane
That mothered a many vagabond
That held together
The  subculture of an underground
Stretching its petals
In its first taste of light
Holding her 5th glass of wine
Holding her fresh cigarette
And she smiled at many a humorous soul
While sparks showered
And each story was told
Of our origins and crossings
And how we came to know
Who we were today
And I am to me
What others are to themselves
This was closer to the moment
Where I could begin to explain
How I came to view the bloom
Of Scarlet in the rain
The stages varied in each soul
And there was much beauty
And there was much darkness
Beauty and darkness
Beauty and darkness
As shattered glass sobered
A night of reckless folly
Intensity came to cloak
With heavy wings
An accident which bore
More shattered windows
Than the one we huddled around
And Scarlet imparted her woes
Separate of the clamor around her
(But not oblivious to it)
Of a woman she once loved
That took her life
Her tragic and beautiful life
And I listened to the memories
Of someone close to passing
Her regrets
Her loves
Her openness
Her loss of herself to time
And she handed me a book
So I could finally explain
How I came to see the bloom
Of Scarlet in the rain
She was in her twenties
Mirrored as if Narcissus
Naked with skin of ivory
In time of wild merging
In a time of wild awakening
And she was beauty incarnate
Running through a field
In a wet dress
While tripping in a sun shower
Free of what burdened her now
And pride overcame frailty
As she opened the window
To truths she didn’t know why
She was telling to a stranger
I held a cube
Of a wish caught in time
And thought about the rest of my life
I thought about what
Still clung to my chest
Like a lead vest
And reasoned the worth of it
And I only knew the scars of life
Were scars of a shallow root
That could not touch
The unconditional
I thought about my future
My past, the choices that sit across from me
And that I am my keeper
And finally I found the words to explain
How I came to see the bloom
Of Scarlet in the Rain

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