When in battle
We know men
But not fully,
We know men that
Folds up their sleeve
And we know men
That cares less about
Their sleeve and get on with it,
We know men that cries in
Weddings, Bridget Jones diary movie,
Cinema, shops ;when the prices are up
And when their little toe hits,
And we know men that laughs
At them all.
We know men that have kids
And we know men that grows with kids,
We know men that lies and hurt town people
We know men that punch out angers
We know men on motorbikes
And we know men that hates motorbikes
We know men that goes skydiving everyday
We know men that feels sick watching it on tv
We know men that loves firecrackers
And we know men that hates China,
Men cannot only be defined as beards,
Strong, agile, testosterone,
Until they can endure the
Battle fully.


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Charlotte B. Williams
circa 6 anni

It takes all kinds to make a world, but somebody has to be strong. That's what my husband says. nice poem

oltre 6 anni

Thanks robert

Robert L. Martin
oltre 6 anni

A man's man endures the battle fully. A good down to earth poem. Congrats.

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