Blue skies above,
Green grass below,
A butterfly passes
And yes I know.
Summer is coming,
The sun is in the sky,
New life is emerging
And I ask myself
Why is the world
So beautiful
And creative?
The birds sing
All around me
The creatures crawl
Beside me.
And I ask myself
How does this natural
World evolve?
  How do buds grow,
Petals fall
and dissolve.
How do cocoons form
Such houses
of beauty
With butterflies
And flying
with duty.
The world that
Surrounds us,
Colourful and bright
It is such a sight.
To see the world
Full of miracles
Just stand and stare
Take time to see
and time to glare.
For the world
Around us is a
Wonderful place
Full of awe
and wonder
In every tiny place!

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Tasha Hall
Environ 7 ans


Environ 7 ans

Nature,life is amazing.Nice poem


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