To Southern Africans

How Capability,
the taxi driver is
He press tew tew,
wum wum wuu wuu!!!!!!
So sweet and kind
When got into his taxi,
then he is a monster,
I am like
crazy monkey i paid,
don’t talk to me as u please,
a shy dog put his tail
between his legs,
he hates me from there,
or either respect me, but i actually don’t care,
what he thinks of me,
the truth must be had, and respect must be
shown, (abomageza bayadelela)
taxi drivers are so disrespectful and that
doesn’t, really mean l should,
do the same.
I must admit l am grateful, to have these taxi
even being disrespectful to me,
and drive me to,
my destination,
(siyabonga mushayela)
Thank you driver
Bye bye!!!


I wrote this poem sitting in the taxi /cab.

The other side of the taxi driver

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Issa Kasim
almost 5 years

hey tendai

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