The life

What is life when you have money but you ain’t happy, what is life people when you have to work but finding you ain’t happy with your work. Yet we live on pleasing people but you struggle on pleasing yourself.
Yes I know that it is complicated and unpredictable but you have stand and fight. Yes love has second chances but life has only one chance you mess this opportunity your done.

Watch on how you live it, watch how u manage it. Yes its nice to dream but make sure it doesn’t turn to be a steam. You are special to everyone around and that doesn’t mean you have to be on the ground whenever they hurt you.
Life its challenging but manageable if u are intending to do so. Watch those whom you call your friend. Thy said positive minds brings positive thinking. Nothing is impossible if u are serious

Its all about being focused,determined to have anything you want in life. You can achieve that with only positive thinking.

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