who am i?

I was born in a manger, yet I was afraid of danger.I am a boy of dignity, a boy of great humor.Who am I? I am who I am I am the creation of thee.
Kind is my second name and that will take me to fame. I am a boy that inspires himself, who fights until the last breath. I salute the boy I am nd so be it. I breath what others don’t breath.
Who am I people?a boy who will conquer the world one day. My dreams will come to live and I shall share with other live creations of thee. I’m a boy who was raised by his grandparents.
I’m a boy, who was taught to appreciate every little things I have. I learned not to cry for what I don’t have, with my grandparents and my parents on my side, everything flows right.

This poem its like a lesson in way it teaches some of us that we should never forget who we are. As they say that a man does not forget his place of birth which Is why I give my gratitude to my grandparents.

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