Days of Drought

always they come– tribulations, bitter trials
heavy punishing rains or many days of drought
losses, real or imagined, material or emotional
knock us down, fill us with paralyzing doubt
but when dread and gloom inhabit our thoughts
our vision’s shaded, dim cheerless world we see
our spirits thus encumbered, tied up in knots
joy loses meaning; we forget how to be free
when frowns line our face, a smile’s a struggle
if night-dwellers we are, in the darkness we stay
heartache and grief start a never-ending cycle
with shoulders hunched, we agonize night and day
but tomorrow follows even the stormiest of nights
and every morning holds the promise of a miracle
in the cloudless yet sable sky, a billion lights
twinkling in the gloominess, awesome yet lyrical
yeah! hope never ends more so in desolate times
for God’s hands appear whenever in peril we are
comforter in our sorrows despite our many crimes
guiding hand whither we go from here to Zanzibar
heavy rains are but challenges we face in life
said a wise man! and yes someone heard him say
so are the days of drought, adversity and strife;
face and conquer them; if need be, to Him we pray
straighten our shoulders, to break the cycle of gloom
chin up and paint bright smiles in our faces
when the morning comes, to doubts there’s no room
welcome the sun’s rays, bathe in God’s holy graces!
© Vic Evora 07-10-2020


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