“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”
Suzanne Collins

Couldn’t wait any longer
For the night to be over
This unsatisfied longing
At last be quenched forever
For tomorrow she’s coming
Be it foul or fair weather
Color his world gushingly
They’ll spend their lives together
Living apart is the curse
No one should ever suffer!
One last night to sleep alone
Hoping it won’t be rougher
Deep slumber he will embrace
Gladly, if he’d dream of her
Just like every other night
Alone he hears her whisper
Magnified in reveries
His mind an echo chamber
Wonderful the dreams may be
Her in his arms, he’d rather
But the long night was listless
And morning a gatecrasher
With languid eyes he got up
Set for today’s encounter
Radiant smile adorns his face
His heart beats pitter-patter
All dressed up raring to go
His long wait will be over
Today the dance floor awaits
For his forever partner
While apart a thousand miles
Both endured many trials
It’s tough to remain loyal
Distance leads to betrayal
Finally, at the airport
Joy thrilled frenzied and eager
He sees her from a distance
Excitement turns to anger!
His endless yearning for naught
And his heart fills with rancor
What he just saw broke his heart
Turned him to a fierce ogre
The ultimate betrayal
And it hurts like no other
© Vic Evora

This is a fictional story of unending love and bitter betrayal. I did not show/write what the betrayal was all about. It's up to the reader to guess. Just that it really hurts. The story shows the man being betrayed. But we know that most times the situation is reversed.

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