Matthew 6:1 “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven.” (KJV)

A vain quest for glory
Whilst in the heat of battle
He sacrificed all
His life plainly worth so little
Done not for the common good
No ideal did he defend
His last breath he wasted
Not even to save a friend
Woe! is he who craves adulation
The adoration of the masses
And praises from his peers!
His cairn, not stone but ashes
Men who forfeited their lives
Replete in the annals of history
But their heroism’s for the greater good
Resulting in society’s victory
But a sacrifice for glory’s sake
Deserves only pillory
God alone is worthy of adoration
To Him we give praise and glory!
© Vic Evora


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Charlotte B. Williams
13 days

So true. To God alone belongs all the Glory, and Praise.

13 days

Thank you Charlotte. Glad you like it.

Robert L. Martin
13 days

Glory, glory halleluyah

13 days


Nelson D Reyes
13 days

We have faith in God
We pray that He help us
That we may help others
We trust Him there in
All things we do
All things we care for

Indeed Brod your last line says it all. Like.

13 days

Thanks for liking Brod.

This poem is in line with my thinking that perhaps we shouldn’t seek glory. Instead we must profess the faith, be honorable and practice brotherhood.

13 days

@Nelson: Brod, your poem Truth-Seeker served as my inspiration to write this poem. Rather than glory, we must seek the truth instead.

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