The Abyss

The future looks bleak
As he stared into the abyss
For it will be a world
Where he will not exist!
But at least tomorrow
He won’t be here;
No joys, but no more pain
No hopes, but no more fear
Oblivion’s attractive
To a soul uncaring,
Disengaged from everyone,
In silence suffering
So into the whirlwind
He let himself go
Just an autumn leaf
Breaking from the bough
Far away he flew
From the depths of despair
Till consciousness lost
In the rarefied air!
Perhaps he could have
Turned to Him
To find meaning in life
Before the lights grew dim
And held on to Him
To lift himself from the abyss;
Engaged Him such that
Instead of perdition, find bliss!
© Vic Evora

I wrote this poem yesterday based on a dream I had recently. This morning I heard that Aaron Hernandez (a convicted murderer) committed suicide. Sadly... "into the whirlwind, he let himself go" and it is much too late for him to "find bliss".


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