The Argonauts

A band of heroes; they are men of faith
Thrust in a world of prudent men and fools
Against the shadowy menacing wraith
They’re men of honor who obey the rules
Valor their sword; honor their mighty shield
Against insidious foes; against all odds
Against enemies in the battlefield!
Seeking truth to find favor with the gods
They have banded together, champions all
To fight for and achieve the common good
As one, they rally to the heroes’ call
Honor-bound in eternal brotherhood!
They set sail the Argo one stormy day
On the valiant search for the golden fleece
The waves fearsome and the thunderclouds gray
But onward! Search for truth ne’er shall cease
Trials, misfortunes, adversities
Hardships, travails rained down from heaven
Ordeals, setbacks, even indignities
But the mighty Argo, always their fair haven
With unflinching courage, they tamed the seas
And survived all obstacles strewn their way
Sirens, monsters, clashing rocks and Harpies
They triumphed and held all their foes at bay
Till at last they recouped the golden fleece
After Lemnos and many storms, they weathered
And with Medea’s help they departed from Colchis
Triumphant, victorious, forever to be remembered
© Vic Evora


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