A Tribute to Young Love

The summer of their sixteenth year they met
Under the shade, exhausted, they rested
A break from the midday sun; it’s kismet
For neither knew the other existed
Furtive glances torrid blushes bright smiles
Fascination’s mutual and electric
The mating dance starts, with looks she beguiles
Romance blooms for their feelings symmetric
All summer, daily tryst under the shade
Of the old oak; where the breeze refreshing
Tired youthful bodies on moist grassy glade
Aye! talking endlessly while hand-holding
Till sunset they stay, the world exist not
Within them a raging fire they can’t tame
In their minds these days never be forgot
For both their hearts bewitchingly aflame
At night lying in bed cell phones in hand
In whispers conversing till the wee hours
Shared dreams visions issues they understand
Until at last Morpheus overpow'rs
Sadly, summer ends and they have to go
Back to their lives away from paradise
Feeling as if the world will sink below
Will they ever be in a place as nice?
The Spanish moss soon wild will grow
What’s before them now, misshapen shall be
The blight surely will kindle much sorrow
Masking the happy mem’ries neath the tree
Little they know that a whole life awaits
And soon they’ll find out what’s behind the gates
© Vic Evora


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