Life’s a speeding bullet train
One moment an eighteen year old
Fresh and pure as the morning air
Thoughts of changing the world
Aspirations ideas visions dreams
In his conscious mind swirled
But this morning here he watches
The sun rising over a faraway hill
As he did half-century ago
Desires whirl in his mind still
Recalling youthful fantasies
Reflecting on dreams unfulfilled!
Great statesman he didn’t become
Neither a doctor; nor an astronaut
But to university he did go
His education hopefully not for naught
An engineer he turned out to be
A career, when young, was an afterthought
Rich beyond measure, he dreamt he’d be
A retinue granting his every whim
Yachts planes horses limousines
A cornucopia full to the brim
Sadly the pot of gold remained elusive
But on balance his life not that grim
A movie idol, adored by lovely ladies
The fantasy of all his teenage peers,
All waiting to board his red two-seat ragtop
Now he’s got a Honda with five manual gears
Three kids from Hades carousing in the back
The pride and joy of his twilight years
Life turned out not exactly how he planned
But the fates been kind; and life’s been grand!
© Vic Evora


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Nelson D Reyes
19 days

Says it all last stanza.
Me against the world youth
In us mellowed to calming the kids in the back seat.
And safety driving home.
Life’s fortune and happiness from your heart takes over at all times.
Like. Thanks Brod.

19 days

We have dreams and fantasies when young
Then life happens to set us straight
Back then with loud voices we sung
Now softly we do when we celebrate!

Thanks for liking Brod.

Robert L. Martin
20 days

I guess you never know how life is going to work out for you in the future

19 days

And isn't it half the fun? Holding our breaths anticipating what tomorrow may bring?

Barb Clarke
20 days

So true, life goes by fast. I have not always gotten what I want but have gotten what I need!

20 days

Thanks for liking Barb. Yes, I have got all I needed and then some. For that I am truly grateful.

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