Inner Sanctum

Visit to My Doctor
A Few Years Ago
A Work of Fiction

Into a room I walked, no familiar faces
Strangers all, with worried preoccupied looks
Glumly they stared;  fidgeters anonymous
Except for a couple immersed in their books
An empty chair in the corner, there I sat
Next to a lady, twiddling her thumbs nervously
I smiled and tried to start a conversation
No luck! She nodded, looked at me sheepishly
With a shrug, I opened a book I brought along
And went to a page bookmarked from yesterday
Momentarily, lost and mesmerized was I
In a dreamy mythical galaxy far, far away!
But the door to the inner sanctum burst open
Rudely nudging me out of my pleasant reverie
White-coated Nurse Fletcher yelled out a name
A weight-challenged man stood; waddled quickly
To the bright lights; and the door swallowed him.
A hush filled the room, eyes on the empty seat
Fretful, everyone thinking who’s next?
No one seemed raring to go to the next suite
In the next hour or so, the seats got vacated
As one by one, names, Nurse Fletcher called out
But the room remained full, as new arrivals
Took empty seats, while a few walked about
A muted television screen flashed in a corner
No one watches; everyone lost in their universe
No conversations; a wake at a funeral parlor;
Bright fluorescent lights made things worse
The door to the inner sanctum, like clockwork
Spat out those who went in, right on schedule
Some had wide smiles pasted on their faces;
Others nonchalant, perhaps pretending to be cool!
But their eyes mirror the anxiety they felt
Maybe the news they received wasn’t that good
So, they acted as if nothing momentous happened;
No words were necessary, everyone understood!
The rest of us waited patiently for our turn;
Back to my book I went, back to my fantasy
Quietly hoping that a smile I too shall have
When I return from the inner sanctum’s reality
It seemed like eternity; more like ten minutes
I stood up as Nurse Fletcher called out my name
Into the room I went; bright lights devoured me
Jittery I was; courage never my claim to fame
Expecting Nurse Fletcher; Ms. Nightingale came
Pleasant surprise! She took me to the scale
Then into a small room, with a bed and a chair
My pressure she took, normal though I look pale
A grinning Dr. Acula entered and shook my hand
After pleasantries and questions, gloves he put
And somehow, I knew I was going to be violated
The price of being healthy, from head to foot!
It appeared everything’s fine, and I’m thrilled
And with flying colors, I even aced the urine test
Another year before I see the inner sanctum again
I won’t miss Nurse Fletcher and the rest!
© Vic Evora


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