Keep every promise you make
and only make promises you can keep.
~ Anthony Hitt

Late afternoon early evening
Sun setting it’s still light
By the lamp post he stands
All alone
Khakis white shirt
Short sleeves
Buttoned-down collar
Starched tucked in neatly
Patch in front pocket
Patent leather shoes black socks
School uniform
Must be
A pack of Marlboros
Back pant pocket
Yet get a stick he dares not
Much less light up
Jittery nervous craving
A smoke
Across the street a big house
Roof galvanized painted red
Windows sliding capiz shells
Colonial affluent Spanish
Ground floor adobe walls
Upper floor unpainted hardwood
There she lives!
He wants to see her talk to her
Perhaps she’d look out a window
Maybe she’d come down talk to him
She ignored him this morning
In school
Something’s wrong but nothing he did
For sure
Still he needs to know the score
End of day
Never felt this way before
Love! full of desire
Yet fearful afraid
She’ll never talk to him
Jittery nervous he needs
A smoke
Yes, a smoke!
Then it dawned on him!
This morning on his way to school
Walking with a cigarette
Puffing blowing smoke
Oblivious unmindful
She must’ve seen him!
Or one of her friends
For he promised her he’d quit
Just last week
Vow he made she took him back
But self-control he ain’t got
Never had
Aah! He’d never forgive himself
If he loses her all on him
Feels like hitting his head
On the lamp post
A million times
Then the light in the lamp post
Turned on as darkness came
All the windows still closed
He started walking home
Crestfallen dejected
© Vic Evora 05-14-2019

There is a storeroom in the back of my mind for all these youthful stories. I just have to bring them out. Some are autobiographical. Some are based on my friends' life experiences. Some are just my imagination. And some is a mix of all three. LOL


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Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

I like the format of this poem, btw. And you new look picture.

about 1 year

Sim says I look three months younger in that photo. LOL

Nelson D Reyes
about 1 year

Funny. Like you I cold turkey smoking . I did unfiltered Philip Morris and all the cheap ones that really scraped your throat and leave you a gutter foul smelling fool kissing your girlfriend in the theater balcony. She hated the smell but helpless to do anything let alone scream

That’s how bad it was.

Like. Thanks Brod.

about 1 year

Thanks for liking Brod. Only realized I smelled awful after I quit smoking. LOL

Benjamin G. Sangalang
about 1 year

I can relate. I hope he succeeded in quitting smoking, and won her back again.

about 1 year

We can only hope LOL. Thanks for liking amigo

Robert L. Martin
about 1 year

I bet he sure wished he'd never have lighted up that cigarette that morning. I myself hate the smell of cigarette smoke. It really burns my eyes and affects my sinuses. When I used to smoke it didn't bother me.

about 1 year

Yes, can’t stand cigarette smoke though I smoked for 30 years. I quit cold turkey 28 years ago. At that I had a 3-pack a day habit.

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