The Haunted House

"Is it true cats won't stay in a house if it's haunted?"
~Jeff Valdez

A Sonnet
Low lying mist hung o’er the distant hills
Treetops barely visible from afar;
In the haze, its wrought-iron gates ajar,
A haunted house that gives everyone chills!
But the youth always search for bigger thrills
Newer adventures under the radar
A dare to prove how courageous they are;
To test their mettle; and showcase their skills!
So, they waited few hours till afterglow
In the dark, they went through the iron gates
The last time they’ve been seen by anyone!
So long ago; fear still grips all who know
What happened to them; a myst’ry, their fates
Still, the house stands tall in the setting sun!
© Vic Evora

It's a little early for Halloween. But I know if I don't post now, I will forget. LOL


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