black or white

lies only work
when blended with the truth;
without it,
lies may be too farfetched
that even the most gullible
won’t believe;
for realms of probabilities
may be deeply stretched.
with an ounce of truth
in a gallon of untruth
the resultant mixture
becomes more believable;
for we see something
we recognize and accept
even though the rest
outright inconceivable!
how about a drop of untruth
in a bowl of truth?
beware of that also!
the lie makes the truth not so
just like a drop of poison
in a glass of water
renders it undrinkable
even for a crow
unlike statistics
where error
can be quantified
delineated and bound;
in our lives
the truth is black as coal
as a lie is white as snow
there are no grays around
© Vic Evora


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