Words are arrows that can maim when shot
Once spoken it’s impossible to take back
But words unsaid are lumps in the throat
If left unspoken will turn a heart black
Words are sharp weapons at man’s disposal
They can cut as deeply as a jagged knife
Words incite, provoke a response so primal
And can prod one to lose respect for life
Yet comforting words are life’s miracles
They soothe our minds and allay the pain
Gently spoken words can remove obstacles
They bring the hope existence is not in vain
Kind words promote and uplift the spirit
Encouragements propel men to new heights
A mother’s word imparts sky is the limit
To his loftiest dream in the darkest of nights
Words untrue assassinate just as savagely
But even when true, words can annihilate
Truth must be told, but always gracefully
Words spoken must inspire, never deflate
Words left unsaid are saddest at a grave
Don’t wait till the end if it must be said
Be kind and benevolent, be never a slave
To hurt, or hate, but joy and peace instead!
© Vic A Evora


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about 5 years

Awww shucks :) thank you so much.Yes, words are powerful and we have to be careful when we wield them.

Charlotte B. Williams
about 5 years

I really love this poem Vic, because it is so true. We really have to watch our words, because they have the power to wound or heal. I don't say this just to flatter you, but it's true. Keep writing these words of wisdom.

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