My life was simpler before I met you
Perhaps I realized not what’s missing!
My world was threadbare, a room with no view
No sun, no stars; skylarks don’t even sing
Before you, my world’s monochromatic
Then you came, and you brought me a rainbow
Beauty surrounds me; nights are electric
Days explode in hues, you alone bestow
Before you, life was one long winter day
Leaden skies, ice storms and mind-numbing cold
Then you came, and spring came along to stay.
Green meadows; roses, tulips, marigold
Dot my landscape; while the sky ‘bove is blue
How can I live all my days without you?
Vic A Evora


A love sonnet dedicated to SP, a special person...

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almost 6 years

Thanks so much... The words just come out when you feel it

Charlotte B. Williams
almost 6 years

I love this, it's simply beautiful. The one you love should really treasure that in you. It's beautiful.

about 6 years

yw! yeah... someone in poeticous must have flipped up my old pic ... was meant to be sideways... lol so i just changed it to a flower... :)

about 6 years

"Verdant meadows; roses, tulips, even marigold
Dot my landscape" is my favorite here... :)

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