Its the weekend and a Saturday
At three o’clock its the time of day,
My football is kicking off on a winters day
I will be cheering them on till the end of the game.
I listen to commentary on the radio
You never know how the game will go.
The more you listen more excited you become
When the other team score I am a little glum.
Becomes half time we are loosing one nil
I hope the manager gives the team a drill.
The teams are out on the field and the game begins
Sat here hoping that my teams going to win.
Both teams are kicking the ball up and down the field
Our defence is like a worriers shield
Then all of a sudden my team makes a break
Running to the goal I hope they don’t make a mistake
A striker hits the ball and the goalie dives,
The ball is in the net and the team are giving hi fives.
Jumping and shouting my team on,
I can hear on the radio the fans have broken into song.
So now the teams are drawing one a piece,
I  feel like falling to my knees paying to God for another please.
The commentators words ring out loud
As another goal scored I could hear the crowd
My team had won the game of football that day
Now they are going home with smiles on there way
© Copyright 2015 Allan Robinson


Massive Bradford City fan love the team if I cant get to a game then its the commentary on local radio


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