Wear them, my shoes, just even for a day.
Endure the agonizing pain.
Hold on to all these buried fears.
Stifle away the millions of tears.
Stay hidden behind a mask of discomfort.
Where even you forget who you originally were.
Lead everyone into sanity while being insane.
Expecting different results while continuing to do the same thing.
Guide the world into a place of happiness.
While inside all you feel is an area of emptiness and loneliness.
Escape inside your imagination.
Knowing the best is merely but your own creation.
Although it always ends up being something you can never create.
And even if you could it would only wind up being something that you hate.
Walk the miles around your lonely, shattered, damaged heart.
Acknowledging that your sadness is the masterpiece of someone else’s art.
Get broken down but always hold your head up high.
Never exposing the tears you cry.
Secure your love so tightly, but still be soft with it.
Keep continuing on when you feel as if you should quit.
Forgive and of course you must also learn to forget.
And if your saying you cant do any of what I have written. . .
Just Please Remember and Keep in mind - I did.


conquering, dividing,unity,commitment, character

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