I accept and understand my own self. I am comfortable with what the end result is AND will be !

I do a lot of things others don’t agree with.
I live a life that maybe others choose not to live.
I say things that might hurt someone else.
I do these things for me. I get myself.
Maybe i am wrong for half the things I do.
I do it for me. Not for anyone, not even you.
Im sure I’m wrong 99%  percent of the time.
But hey if this is how I choose to live my life.
Who are you to tell me any different.?
Or tell me I am wrong what works for one may not work for another.
Such as the saying. One mans trash is another mans treasure.
So throw out my ideas, protest against my actions.
Belittle and degrade my choices and decisions.
Because someone someday will find them genius and cherish the meaning.
You may not care or understand. You may disagree completely. It’s ok. I get me.


An Understanding Of One's Own Self. A Mirror Reflection

understanding,worth,value, acceptance

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