don’t want to forget the memories.
Of you and me.
Because if I did then I wouldn’t be able to see.
The possibility.
Of whats so incredibly,
so naturally,
and beautifully
all the things that I can be.
Through there being no you and me.
Without the negativity.
You brought me positivity.
Thinking of not wants but needs.
And you were never anything except a belief.
That maybe there could be a we.
But that must not be where God wants me to be.
There is another road in which I lead.
Standing on my own two feet.
Yet hopefully.
I still dream.
Wishing That you are happy.
For I am no longer stuck insensitively.
Unrealistically loving you.
Because i am now in a better reality.
Now that I am Loving me.


letting go, relationships, moving on

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