Abandoned, Neglected,
Hurt and Used,
Also, Abused  
Humiliated, Violated,
Embarrassed and Confused,
Ready to trade in these shoes.
Penetrated, filled with hatred,
Stabbed, sad, and mad.
These are just some,
with more feelings to come.
Angry, Infuriated,
Enraged, Trapped in a Cage,
Broken Down, The Silent Sound,
Crying for Help,
Had no one else,
only myself,
Lonely and Alone,
Can’t see when shown,
Disturbed, My Mind Perturbed,
So gentle at heart,  
But so badly torn apart.
Full of Emptiness,
Thoughts of Craziness,
Half-Alive, Fully Dead,
Stuck Inside My Own Head.
Stressed, Depressed,
Nervous, Anxious,
Filling Me -
Strong, Yet So Weak.
Inside it’s killing me,
Comatosed state of mind.
The Real Me - Hard to Find.
Trying to keep it together..
Decades pass onto forever.
Bruised, Beaten, Scarred,
Beating, a Damaged Heart.
Beautiful Appearance, destroyed mentally.  
A Rape Victim’s Story–
Collapsed, Out of Breath
hard to Handle This,
When No one even knows that I exist.
Just another Fallen Angel,
Surrounded By Danger.
The feelings’ that will always carry on,
Until the final day I shall be gone.
Abandoned, Neglected,
Abused, Used,
Filled with Hatred,
Trying to hide from ever again being Violated,
Dragging to get through everyday.
What More Can I Possibly Say?
These are the true emotions of Amanda J.
From being Molested and Raped


A story of a survivor

survivors hymn, molested, raped, stabbed, beaten

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Amanda J. Steinbrecher
plus de 5 ans

Thank You, These are afterall my very real feelingz. God bless <3 Lady J. <3

Amanda J. Steinbrecher
plus de 5 ans

time heals all wounds they saw, i believe time just fadens scars. I wish you all the best, I pray this poem of mine may help open you up as well,. God Bless You with joy, peace, harmony,laughter, happiness, and Love. God Bless <3 Lady J. <3

plus de 5 ans

This is so dark and eerie, good piece.

Leesaan Robertson
plus de 5 ans

Thank you for sharing your story. I need to share my story of being raped and molested also. Everything you stated, is exactly how I feel....It's so SAD that you and I went through such a horrible tragedy but GOD will give us the strength to heal.

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