I stand here looking at our old pictures together,
moments that wouldn’t have been the same without each other.
Reading everything you wrote,
Laughing at the time you had passed me notes,
And the teacher gave us both detention.
But we were so in love we just couldn’t pay attention.
Tears run down from my eyes onto the floor,
Can’t figure out why we aren’t anymore.
I just know that it is this way for some reason,
But love exists and I still believe in it.
So what I am doing may seem extremely crazy
but i will find it so amazing.
I am collecting the sticks from the woods nearby,
prepare the matches to set the fire.
I start throwing in picture after picture, every single moment
Letter after letter - word after word, no reason anymore to hold it.
I am preparing the greatest bon fire to erase the idea of “we”
This is not how I wanted it to be,
but unfortunately the memories are only hurting me.
So I’m finally letting them go, it’s been way too long,
I will forgot about you and I. I am finally moving on.
These memories are ones I no longer desire,
So I say good-bye to each one, “farewell” as you enter the bon fire.


letting go, moving on

letgo,move on, move forward. success is the best revenge

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