"Hello Kitty"

Dark! Darker! No that’s not dark enough!
All I hear is your laughter as it closes in
Why am I covered in dirt in these woods?
I can’t find my friend now I am the only one?
The trees keep growing and now they are too tall
I can’t see the tops of them but if I climbed up I would fall
The sun looks like it’s shining from a whole new dimension
And now my friend has found me
He wants to talk
I want to not
Away I run, Please take me sun!
I climb on the broken branches and speed across the pond
But backwards I went and I woke up and I was in my car
Vomit stained my clothes and hands so I washed them in the muddy water
I see a man biking towards my car
He seems familiar I must’ve met him before
Of course! I had, well silly me
He knew what I was on maybe he could help me
Happy thoughts he put in my head
But he wanted more, he wanted to take me to bed
Less dizzy I felt so he drove me to the fire
That’s where I drank the night it all happened
My friend was now passed out in my car
Trippin’ better I walked to the boys
They guided me and comforted me until I felt I was not alone
But something was in my drink and the next day I had known
What had happened to me that night
How could I forget? A night so dark.

This is the most personal piece I have written because this is a true event that happened in my life. It's caused me so much anxiety and stress and I have still have nightmares to this day about everything I went through in those 28 hours. Along the way of trying to heal myself I realized I was to blame. I did something I shouldn't have done and it put me in a position later that I was not comfortable in. Blaming others for my mistakes is not going to change what happened to me and so for that I can only blame me.

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