A photon bounces around inside our mother son for thousands of years trying to escape.
When it finally does light is born.
It takes its 8 minute maiden voyage to fill our view.
It races at 700 million miles an hour to splash into out eyes.
It loads our senses our dreams.
It is a form of unconditional love from our life source.
But then where does it go?
Sure we can see the light that awakens us in the morning.
But what about the light inside us?
The light we cannot see.
When you smile it’s in the twinkle in you eye.
It’s there when you have an idea.
It’s there when you love.
It’s there when you cry.
It’s there when you help your fellow man.
It’s there when you forgive.
It’s there when you pray.
It’s there when you teach.
It’s there when you learn.
You may lose sight of it.
But your light is eternal.
Can you see someone else’s light?
Not there occupation but their light.
Not there education but their light.
Not there reputation but their light.
When you find your light then you will find theirs.


physics, light, sun

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